Current areas of interest include privacy-enhancing technologies, digital forensics, network security, secure distributed systems, blockchains, cryptography, tamper-evident systems, and privacy law and policy. The table below lists the faculty in the Security, Privacy and Cryptography group and their research interests.

Faculty Research Interests
Eric Burger

Cyber security and secure communications, network protocols and architectures, Internet governance

Shin'ichiro Matsuo      

Information security, cryptography, cyptographic protocol, privacy enhancing technology, blockchain, cryptocurrency and crypto-economics

Kobbi Nissim

Cryptography, differential privacy, privacy law and policy

Adam O'Neill

Cryptography, provable security, practical cryptographic schemes with novel properties

Micah Sherr

Security, privacy, networks

Clay Shields

Computer security, network security, digital forensics

Lisa Singh

Data mining, social mining, privacy, visual analytics, data science, databases

Grace Hui Yang

Information retrieval, deep reinforcement learning, machine learning, ontology, question answering, privacy

Wenchao Zhou

Database, networking, distributed systems and provenance

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