Students may substitute up to two courses from another department for similarly numbered electives, provided that the courses support the student's plan of study and have been approved by the student's faculty advisor. A list of approved external electives appears below. Students may petition for the use of other courses as external electives, but in addition to satisfying the previous criteria, such courses must be approved by the Department's curriculum committee. Students must obtain all necessary approvals before enrolling in the class.


List of Approved External Graduate Electives


Code Title
ANLY-520 Written/Oral Tech Presentation
ANLY-590 Neural Nets and Deep Learning
Communication, Culture, and Technology
CCTP-674 E-Government 2.0
CCTP-728 Networks & Creative Process
Biostatistics and Epidemiology
BIST-510 Probability and Sampling
BIST-511 Statistical Inference
BIST-530 Biostatistics for Bioinformatics
BIST-531 Pattern Recognition
LING-367 Computational Corpus Linguistics
LING-420 Statistical Natural Language Processing
LING-427 Generative Syntax I
MATH-501 Probability Theory and Applications
MATH-502 Deterministic Mathematical Models
MATH-503 Mathematical Statistics
MATH-504 Numerical Methods
MATH-605 Introduction to Financial Mathematics
MATH-656 Data Exploration and Data Mining
PHYS-503 Computational Techniques
PHYS-504 Numerical Simulation Techniques
PHIL-402 Epistemology: An Historical Survey
PHIL-438 Philosophy of Mind
PHIL-491 Philosophy and Cognitive Science
PHIL-624 Philosophical Logic
PHIL-682 Mathematical Logic
PHIL-725 Philosophy of Language
Science, Technology, and International Affairs
STIA-402 Technology and Social Justice
Security Studies
SEST-552 Information Technology and Security
SEST-562 Emerging Technologies and Security
SEST-701 Hacking for Defense