Security, Privacy and Cryptography

Current areas of interest include privacy-enhancing technologies, digital forensics, network security, secure distributed systems, blockchains, cryptography, tamper-evident systems, privacy law and policy, and technology policy. The following faculty have research interests in the Security, Privacy and Cryptography areas.

  • Matt Blaze: Cryptography, computer and network security, and technology policy research
  • Eric Burger: Cyber security and secure communications, network protocols and architectures, Internet governance
  • Shin’ichiro Matsuo: Information security, cryptography, cryptographic protocols, privacy enhancing technology, blockchain, cryptocurrency and crypto-economics
  • Kobbi Nissim: Cryptography, differential privacy, privacy law and policy
  • Micah Sherr: Security, privacy, networks
  • Clay Shields: Computer security, network security, digital forensics
  • Lisa Singh: Data mining, social mining, privacy, visual analytics, data science, databases
  • Benjamin Ujcich: Security, networking, systems, provenance, accountability, data protection 
  • Grace Hui Yang: Information retrieval, deep reinforcement learning, machine learning, ontology, question answering, privacy
  • Wenchao Zhou: Database, networking, distributed systems and provenance

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