The minor and its basic courses on programming, mathematical methods, and data structures lets students supplement and strengthen their major requirements.


The minor consists of three required courses and three electives. Computer Science I (COSC-051), Computer Science II (COSC-052), and Mathematical Methods of Computer Science (COSC-030) are required. Elective courses include any other computer-science courses numbered between 100 and 499. Instead of Mathematical Methods of Computer Science (COSC-030), students may elect to take Introduction to Proofs and Problem Solving (MATH-200) and Analysis I (MATH-310). MATH-200 must be taken as a prerequisite to Data Structures (COSC-160).

Procedure for Undergraduate Curriculum-Related Requests

Requests relating to curricular matters, including requests for course credit from other universities and for external course credit from Georgetown departments, should be addressed to the Director of Undergraduate Studies. The request will be forwarded to the department's Curriculum Committee.

During the academic semester, the Curriculum Committee will review and respond to requests at its next scheduled meeting. During breaks, the committee will wait until the academic semester restarts to review requests. When making a request, students must submit the following documentation:

  • A cover letter, which should include:
    • A brief explanation of the request.
    • The GU computer science course name(s) and number(s) for which credit is sought.
  • External course information:
    • University offering course
    • Course name and number
    • Course description
    • Syllabus
    • Relevant assignments (optional)