Accelerated M.S. (B.S./M.S.) Program

The Computer Science accelerated M.S. program allows current Georgetown undergraduates in the B.S. Computer Science program the opportunity to take graduate-level coursework during their senior year and to apply some coursework to both the B.S. and M.S. degrees. This allows students to complete the M.S. degree with only one year of additional study beyond the B.S degree.

Program Admissions

The accelerated M.S. program accepts applications annually from current Georgetown juniors who have declared the B.S. Computer Science major.

Information about the application process may be found below or by visiting our FAQ for Prospective Students. Answers to questions not found on these pages may be directed to

Application Timeline

Applications are accepted online beginning in mid-July. Visit the Graduate School application page to begin an application.

Priority submission deadline: January 15
Final submission deadline: April 1

The admissions committee begins reviewing applications after the priority deadline. Generally, applications received before March 1 will receive an admission decision by April 1.

Admission Requirements

Successful accelerated M.S. applicants will be current B.S. computer science students who have demonstrated strong academic achievement during their time at Georgetown and within the computer science program.

All applicants must meet certain requirements specified by the Graduate School in their application FAQ.

Accelerated M.S. Program Requirements and Milestones

The accelerated M.S. requirements require students to complete both the requirements of the B.S. Computer Science (to receive the B.S. degree) and the requirements of the M.S. degree (to receive the M.S. degree). Students accomplish this by allowing certain courses to count towards both the B.S. and M.S. degree.

The information below is an overview of these requirements. The official requirements, procedures, and policies are kept in the Graduate Student Handbook.

During the first year of the program (which corresponds to the senior year of the B.S. degree) students select two courses (numbered 4000 or higher) which satisfy both a B.S. requirement and an M.S. requirement. These courses are applied towards both degrees. Students also select two courses (numbered 4000 or higher) which apply only towards the M.S. degree. The student must also complete any additional requirements for the B.S. degree during this year. At the end of the year, the B.S. degree is awarded.

During the second year of the program, students complete the remaining requirements for the M.S. degree either by taking 24 credits (6 courses) or by taking 18 credits (4 courses) and writing an M.S. thesis. (It is rare for accelerated M.S. students to write an M.S. thesis due to the time required to research and write such a thesis). At the end of the second year, the M.S. degree is awarded.

The timeline below is based on a typical progression for accelerated M.S. students.

(senior year)
1Two courses (4000+) applied to both B.S. and M.S. degree
Any remaining B.S. coursework requirements
2Two courses (4000+) applied to the M.S. degree
Any remaining B.S. coursework requirements
(fifth year)
3Three courses applying to the M.S. degree
4Three courses applying to the M.S. degree