Student Groups

Hoya Hacks in HFSC

Computer Science students have opportunities to participate in many groups and activities.  

  • guWeCode: GU Women Coders’ mission is to build digital literacy for today’s job market and increase the number of women in the technology field.
  • Hoya Hacks: Hoya Hacks is the GU annual Hackathon that attracts hundreds of students from GU and other universities across the country. The hackathon has numerous workshops, training modules, and coding tracks.
  • GU Computer & Electronics Club: GUCEC is a student run computer and electronics club that gets together to try new technologies, work on projects, and help others around campus learn about different technologies.
  • Georgetown University Technology and Engineering Club: GUTEC aims to foster a vibrant community of technology and engineering enthusiasts, and to provide opportunities for them to grow. GUTEC does this by providing educational resources, immersive experiences, and tools for creating. 
  • NSBE GU: The mission of the National Society of Black Engineers is to increase the number of culturally responsible Black Engineers who excel academically, succeed professionally and positively impact the community.
  • STEMME – GU Women in STEM is a student-run organization at Georgetown University to support women in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.