Student Awards and Recognitions

Computer Science Award

The Computer Science Award is presented to the graduating senior pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science who has demonstrated outstanding potential and promise in the field. The recipient is selected by the faculty based on academic and scientific achievement, excellence in written and oral communication, community service, and strength of moral and personal character. The CS Award is presented each year at the Georgetown College of Arts and Sciences Tropaia ceremony.

  • 2024: Aryaman Arora
  • 2023: Zachary Young
  • 2022: Simra Ali
  • 2021: Andrew Stange
  • 2020: Logan Jon Arkema
  • 2019: Ahmed Rahim Aalshamary
  • 2018: Clarissa Kunder Somers
  • 2017: Julia Lenore Hockett
  • 2016: Jordan Wesley King
  • 2015: Jonah Amitai Joselow
  • 2014: Wells Ivens Robinson
  • 2013: Not awarded
  • 2012: Alexander Yale-Loehr
  • 2011: Allison Margaret Candido
  • 2010: Stephen Hilliard Bach and Paul Robert Caravelli

Academic Excellence in Computer Science Award

The awards for Academic Excellence in Computer Science are presented to the B.S. and B.A. students who have major GPAs in the top 5% of their class. Started in 2020, all CS majors with junior or senior standing are eligible.

  • 2024: Miles Hu, Joshua Kaminski, Teddy Sommers, and Paul Taylor
  • 2023: Michael Bartholic, Tasha Januszewicz, Hansen Lian, Kerry Neil, and Andrew Yang
  • 2022: Blake Brochier, Samantha Dies, Natalie Magnus, and Benjamin Sikora
  • 2021: Alan Balu, Anika Malik , Elena Mehiel, Ron Talmor, Ivy Wang, and Ajayan Williamson
  • 2020: Sally Matson, Yuansheng Xie, and Julianne Zech

Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award

The Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award recognizes exemplary TAs who have significantly enhanced the learning experience of students through their dedication and expertise.

  • 2024: Shabnam Behzad, Sibo Dong, Tianjian (Ken) Hu, Sam King, Jenny Park, Sidhant Saraogi, Ryn Slack, Sajad Sotudeh, Shira Wein, Yanchen Wang