Dhiraj Saharia wins Open House Day Best Student Poster

Dhiraj Saharia and Prof. Grace Hui Yang

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During the Open House Day, graduate students presented posters of their research in a poster competition coordinated by Prof. Grace Hui Yang. The first place winner was Dhiraj Saharia for “LANTERN: Layered Adaptive Network TElemetRy CollectioN for Programmable Dataplane,” supervised by Prof. Benjamin E. Ujcich.

The runner ups were Shabnam Behzad for “NLP Applications for English Language Learners,” supervised by Prof. Nathan Schneider and Prof. Amir Zeldes (Department of Linguistics; Computational Linguistics); and Ryan Wails for “Precisely Detecting Censorship Circumvention and How We Can Hide Better,” supervised by Prof. Micah Sherr.

Additional participants included:

  • Chao Yan, “Private Everlasting Prediction,” supervised by Prof. Kobbi Nissim;
  • Ran Tao, “Toward Better Relay Selection in Tor,” supervised by Prof. Micah Sherr and Prof. Benjamin E. Ujcich;
  • Chao Yan and Satyajeet Nagargoje, “Randomness Extraction from Weak Random Sources,” supervised by Prof. Sasha Golovnev;
  • Xubo Lin, “Reward-on-the-Line Offline Reinforcement Learning for Domain-Specific Conversational Agents,” supervised by Prof. Grace Hui Yang; and
  • Yanchen Wang, “Mitigating Demographic Bias of Machine Learning Models on Social Media,” supervised by Prof. Lisa Singh