Georgetown students win accolades at HopHacks 2022

Student in a classroom

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Team Null consisting of Georgetown College students Anthony Duan, Palmer Hudson, Annika Lin, and Margaret Neely won accolades in three categories at HopHacks Fall 2022 for their game Breeze, which is a game that guides players through a self-reflection exercise.  There were 147 participants who submitted 40 entries.  Breeze was the winner in three categories: Best use of Velo by Wix, Best use of the augmented reality application Quest2Learn, and Best use of Unity (Quest2Learn).  Breeze is a 2D game in which players control a dinosaur.  They must make the dinosaur jump over obstacles while accumulating points by eating bones.  Soothing, jazzy music plays in the background.  If the player completes a section or fails to navigate the dinosaur over an obstacle, the game presents questions to the player that asks them to reflect on their day.  “What made you happy today?” is an example.  At the end of the game, players see an affirmative message about today that includes their responses to the questions.  You can play Breeze on Team Null’s portfolio.  The portfolio also includes the rationale for the game and answers to frequently asked questions.  To learn more about HopHacks, which is sponsored by Johns Hopkins University, and the submitted projects, you can visit the HopHacks page on DEVPOST.