Undergraduate Senior Thesis

MAY 2018

         Konrad M. Rauscher - How Unique Are You On Twitter - Understanding The Tradeoffs Between Privacy And Utility

MAY 2017

           Julia Hocket-   Detecting and Using Buzz from Newspapers to Understand Patterns of Movement


Maya McCoy -  Integrating Computational Thinking with Traditional Secondary Science Curricula


Zoe Park -  Examining Dynamics from cultured Hippocampal Neurons Using Graph Mining

Angela Yang -  A Contextual Approach to Dynamic Search and Topic Change

MAY 2016

Jordan King:  Methods to Overcome Challenges When Learning Arabic Word  Embeddings  for Text Mining Tasks

MAY 2015

Andrew Hian-Cheong:  Building Web Footprints Using Sematic Similarity

Janet Zhu:  Generating Recommendations to Reduce Identifiability of Public Online Profiles

MAY 2014

Welles Robinson: Implementing the Reliable Broadcast Service in Dynamic Distributed Networks

MAY 2012

John Ferro:  Identifying Individual Vulnerability Based on Public Data

May 2011

Allison Candido:  Anomaly Detection in High Dimensional Spaces

Matthew Davis:  Decentralized Routing for Smartphone Networks

Lindsay Neubauer:  FinNet: Exploring Ways to Enhance Science Education for Middle Schoolers

MAY 2010

Paul Caravelli:  Efficient Visual Dynamic Clustering of Time Varying Social Networks

Margaret Lonergan:  Anomaly Detection in Heterogeneous Time Series Data

Aditi Ramachandran:  Re-identification Matching Across Social Network Sites

MAY 2008

Mitchell Beard: Using Semantic Groups to Discover Hidden Relationships Through Visual Mining of Multi-Relational Data

May 2007

Greg Nelson: Using Neighborhood Measures for Visual Mining of Multimodal Graphs