Welcome to Computer Science!

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The Department of Computer Science at Georgetown University, located in the heart of Washington, DC, is home to higher education and advanced research on the cutting edge of computing and technology. BS, BA, MS, and Ph.D. programs connect students with the ideas, skills, and opportunities to shape the digital world we live in.

The department has grown significantly in the last decade, with current core research areas being theory and algorithms; security, privacy, and cryptography; data-centric computing; and systems, networking and architecture. Faculty members in the department have been honored with a Gödel Prize, Test-of-Time awards, membership in the European Academy of Sciences and Arts, NSF CAREER awards, and Best Paper awards, among other accolades.

Because of our small size, we provide considerable opportunity for interaction with faculty through independent studies, research, and social events. We are a student-centric department that focuses on providing students with a rich education and a wide range of job prospects after graduation. Being in the heart of Washington, DC also gives our students a strong quality of life and opportunities to engage in public and private sector internships, local computing groups, and regional events.