Graduate Course Buckets

Below are the courses designated as “Theory” courses and “Systems” courses by the graduate committee, along with the first semester for which they were approved. These lists affect the following degree requirements:

  • The M.S. degree requirement to take one “Systems” course
  • The Ph.D. coursework requirement to take one “Systems” course
  • The Ph.D. core qualifying requirements to take courses from both the “Theory” and “Systems” buckets

Note: These degree requirements apply to students who began their degree program during or after Fall 2020. Students who joined before Fall 2020 should consult the Graduate Handbook for their year of matriculation, or contact the Graduate Program Manager.

Algorithms/Theory Bucket

  • COSC 5200 – Algorithms (formerly COSC 540)
  • COSC 5250 – Theory of Computation (formerly COSC 545)
  • COSC 5290 — Cryptography (formerly COSC 530)

Systems Bucket

  • COSC 5310 – Comp Hardware & Sys Architect (formerly COSC 520)
  • COSC 5510 — Database Management Systems (formerly COSC 580)
  • COSC 5610 – Advanced Networking (formerly COSC 525)
  • COSC 5745 – Advanced Computer Security (formerly COSC 534)